The Singing Mercenaries

Gates of the Dragon God

Flama 23rd, 332

Having taken their leave of the dwarves, the Singing Mercenaries emerged from the high mountain cave several days later, continuing their journey over the high ridges on the very spine of the Dawnforge Mountains. Variel, their guide, seemed to become more irritable as the journey continued, but none could tell whether he was simply tired of their company, whether the journey was taking its toll, or if their was something else bothering him.

They spent many nights sheltering under small overhangs, shivering against the encroaching cold. Eventually, after what seemed months, they came across a stone door, cut into the face of the tallest peak itself. Unfortunately for them, the entrance was surrounded by a horde of undead, lead by a necromancer who was attempting to break the Temple’s magic seal.

The Singers lead a surprise attack on the undead, only to be confounded by the weather. Snow swirled around them, blocking their view of the evil creatures. Despite this, they managed to defeat the monsters and their necromancer master. The Singers easily entered the Temple, its doors opened wide on their own once the evil undead had been cleansed.

Upon entering, the Singers moved cautiously. Surmising that any intruders would be treated as hostile, both Variel and Nyktas scouted ahead through the Temple’s halls. The party could hear the movement of soldiers, but did not encounter any.

The two shadowy mercenaries continued to stalk the halls until they came to the back of a great statue of the dragon god. Peering from behind it, they could see a cloaked figure praying in front of the statue. Unfortunately, although Nyktas remained hidden, Variel could not escape the notice of the kneeling figure. Leaping into action, the figure shouted a warning aloud as he bounded behind the statue before the two mercenaries could react, pinning Variel with his sword.

Hearing the commotion from the next room, Mark 9, Winward, and Tattered rushed through a side door into the large room that contained the statue. Seeing more intruders enter, the worshipper raised his arm. In a flash, angels descended into the Temple, pinning all of the Mercenaries but Variel, whom the warrior still had at swordpoint. “Intruders!” he cried. “You will pay for your blasphemy in blood!”



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