Sirius Valorfast

Sirius valorfast

Sirius Valorfast, is the ruling noble of Lannister, the southernmost province in Nerath. He is politically powerful both because of his control over the Nerath navy, and because he is cousin to the Queen of Nerath. He is well respected among the Council of Lords and has many political allies, although there is no love lost between him and Lord Rhine or Lord Kyras.

Sirius is a renowned tactician. He has a reputation as a peerless swordsman as well as for ruthless tactics in war, including killing of innocents and scorched earth tactics. Despite his questionable means, none can dispute Sirius’s achievements. These tactics proved useful against the Rending Sea pirates in 311, when Valorfast used the pirates’ own techniques of psychological warfare against them, resulting in the breakdown of the pirates’ confederacy.

House Lannister’s military specialty is naval combat.

Sirius is the father of Janus Valorfast.

Sirius Valorfast

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