Races of Rantalia

Rantalia is inhabited by a number of races, some native and some from other planes of existence.

Humans: Humans are primarily settled in the Kingdom of Nerath, in the southwest of the continent of Lorn. Despite this concentration, they can be found in small settlements all over Rantalia, and some of the most well-known pirates of the Rending Seas are human as well. Nerathian humans tend to be distrustful of other races, while outlying settlements are much more tolerant of other races, often living in harmony with them. Humans can adapt to most situations, and excel at all walks of life.

Elves: The majority of the Elves live within the forest-kingdom of Narlasil, although there are plenty who have been affected by wanderlust and have strayed from the verdant green of their home. There are no known elven settlements outside of Narlasil, although Elves traveling outside the Forest tend to go in small groups. Elves, compared ot other races, are extremely sparse in population.

Eladrin: Eladrin that typically inhabit Rantalia are found in the deep forests of Narlasil, guiding the Elves. Eladrin do, however, appear all over the world, completing incomprehensible tasks for their Fey masters.

Gnomes: Gnomes are an extremely rare race in Rantalia due to their destruction at the hands of the Fomorians. The majority of the race now resides in the Feywild. Winward is one of the few gnomes remaining in Rantalia.

Dwarves: Dwarves are an extremely numerous race, second only to the orcs in sheer numbers. They have a strong presence in the Dawnforge mountains in the spine of Lyria. They inhabit at least one other landmass in Rantalia, the Isle of Lorn. Halflings live in this region peacefully amongst the dwarves. Although the Lornian and Lyrian dwarves are considered separate races by the dwarves themselves, they all possess excellent crafting skills and are indistinguishable to outsiders.

Tieflings: Tieflings are a broken, scattered race that either live in small, hidden conclaves in out-of-the-way locales, or amongst humans. They are typically found amongst the Rending Sea pirates, or in the more populous centers of Nerath. Their folklore suggests they came from a grand empire in the far east.

Shifters: Shifters are typically found in the scrubland north of the Dawnwatch mountains. They are on friendly terms with Goliaths, their southern neighbors.

Dragonborn: Dragonborn on Lyria are few and far between, and always solitary. They are typically welcomed among other races, even the orcs, due to their renowned strength, battle prowess, and honor. Like tieflings, they claim decent from a grand empire far in the east. Dragonborn tend to know much more of their history, but do not share it with outsiders.

Orcs: Orcs inhabit the rolling highlands of central Lyria. They typically organize into warbands, but petty squabbling between clans keeps them from completely uniting. Legends speak that they were once a singular, cohesive warhost, until a great power broke the strength of their leader and scattered them across the highlands, where they now reside. They are the mortal enemies of the dwarves and elves.

Drow: Drow inhabit the desert wastes of southern Lorn. No outsider has ever visited their city, but it is rumored that all Drow inhabit one gigantic city built deep beneath the dunes. Outcast drow can be found wandering the countryside of Lyria, but they are rare in Lyria. A particularly bloodthirsty crew of the Rending Sea pirates are reputed to be drow.

Genasi: Genasi, along with Kalashtar, are the rarest race on Rantalia. They are typically found as solitary wanderers, with no knowledge of how they came to Rantalia. Occasionally a Genasi will stay amongst the elves of Narlasil.

Kalashtar: As rare as the Genasi, Kalashtar have a strange psychic powers that allow them communicate telepathically. This psychic well grants each Kalashtar the knowledge that they are fugitives from a cosmic force, but what that is, a Rantalian Kalashtar does not know. They typically pass themselves off as humans.

Races of Rantalia

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