Prophecy of Galaxis

The Prophecy of Galaxis is an ancient prophecy said to be given unto Galaxis, an ancient silver dragon, from an angel of Bahamut. It was recorded on a stone tablet by the scribe Balathustrius during Galaxis’s revelation, but was damaged before it could be housed in the great Temple of Bahamut, and thus is incomplete. The prophecy is not well known among Bahamut’s faithful: it is the subject of much controversy within the upper elechons of Bahamut’s clergy, and thus few are privy to its existence. The Temple of Bahamut’s purpose, as revealed by Arielle, is to prepare for the potential cataclysm the prophecy speaks of by training holy soldiers to battle against the darkness.

The text of the Prophecy is as follows:

(broken fragment) Thus spoke (broken fragment) Galaxis, mightiest of (broken fragment) beholden unto the dragon god Bahamut, God of Justice. And the Song of Bahamut came forth. There will come a time when the Dragon’s light fades from the world, sequestered in darkness, the great blackness beyond shall claw at the world, and the carnage of the dawn shall return. His restoration shall hinge upon mortals, harbingers who would herald sorrow and destruction for the followers of Bahamut, carrying with them the dread of the dark beyond. From this darkness they shall ascend above the mortal coil, reaching the highest heavens even while plumbing the depths of the dark abyss. Between darkness and light they shall stand, and while guided by light, ever shall darkness close around them, and ever tempt them, and might they ever bring its claws to all the lands, lest they fall from the grace of the high heavens. The Faithful must aid them, but cannot act for them. May Bahamut’s Light never fade. -Balathustrius

After the Singing Mercenaries entered the temple, and their corruption by the Far Realm was made known, Ahmidarius became a firm believer that they are the mortals mentioned in the prophecy. Whether they truly are the destined ones of the prophecy, and whether they can bear such a burden, remains to be seen.

Prophecy of Galaxis

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