Omin Drumm

Omin is a comely old priest in the service of Avandra. He first encountered the Singing Mercenaries in Fallcrest, and, after a strange question about iscosoles triangles, bestowed upon Valmir an orb with the ability to summon an warrior angel. Omin was with the Mercenaries during the events of their first adventure and The Traitorous Bartender as far as making it to Hammerfast on the caravan.

Fallcrest The Singers contacted Omin upon finding the evil orb amongst the remains of Barton’s posessions. Although Omin and Valmir struggled to pierce the veil surrounding the orb, but could not do so. Although he suggested to them that the orb might be pierced if they found a holy relic buried deep below Fallcrest, the party decided to attempt to aid a dwarven patrol from Hammerfast instead, during the events of Dead Dwarves.

The Singers further consulted Omin when they returned to Fallcrest shortly after the Dead Dwarves adventure, explaining to him their evidence that the Lord Warden of Fallcrest was controlling, or being controlled by, the same death cult of Orcus that had been lead by Kalarel. Omin suggested they assault the castle at once, and that if they were prepared to do so, he would aid them.

In order to aid the Singing Mercenaries in their assault on Moonstone Keep, Omin made an as of yet unkown sacrifice to Avandra. In doing so, Avandra blessed him with renewed youth and a blessed blade and suit of armor. Omin acted as a decoy during the assault on Moonstone Keep, and was instrumental in the battle at the Shadowfell altar. When the heroes finally emerged victorious over Raz’Lar the Vile, Omin was granted angelhood by Avandra and ascended into the heavens. As he ascended, he turned to the Singers and promised them that they would see him again, and that Avandra would smile upon them until his return.

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Omin Drumm

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