Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

The human noble Faren Markelhay is the Lord Warden (hereditary lord) of Fallcrest. He is the direct descendant of Aranda Markelhay, a Nerathian hero who established Fallcrest almost 300 years ago. He is in charge of the town’s justice, defense, and laws. The Lord Warden appoints a town council to look after routine commerce and public projects. Lord Markelhay is a balding, middle-aged human with a keen mind and a dry wit. He is a busy man and sees to lcoal matters personally, so adventureres calling on him are likely to wait a long time for a short interview. However, he is eager for news of other towns in the Vale (and farther lands as well) and never turns away someone who brings him news or waits to see him.

Although Fallcrest is not a large town, and does not have any type of standing military, Lord Markelhay is nevertheless a powerful political figure in the Kingdom of Nerath. Although the official relations have slowly declined in the last 50 years between the kingdoms of Nerath, Kardath and the elven nations, Lord Markelhay has managed to maintain an excellent rapport with his Dwarven and Elven neighbors, and because of this he is the fulcrum on which international politics in the region currently rest. He is well known as a patriot, but is not trusted by the Queen of Nerath due to their family history.

Lord Markelhay was under the control of death cultists who were operating in Fallcrest and the Nentir Valley in Agua of 331. He was eventually rescued by the Singing Mercenaries, who stormed his keep to confront him about the cult activities they had discovered. Markelhay now holds them in high regard, and although he cannot reward them greatly, as he is a Lord Warden of a poorer town, Markelhay is known for his loyalty and will surely help the Singers in any way possible.

Lord Markelhay revealed to members of the Iron Sigil that his family is also ancient guardians of an evil artifact, which was recently stolen from Moonstone Keep by an unknown thief. Markelhay requested the Iron Cross recover the artifact from the dwarven lands, leading to their adventures in Anvildawn and Lotherin.

Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

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