Light's Dawn

Cross of the Light's Dawn
The Light’s Dawn is a group of like-minded warriors, clerics, priests, priestesses, monks, paladins and scholars residing in Sigil that are dedicated to preserving the ideals of their deities within the City of Doors, in the absence of their gods’ power. The Light’s Dawn comprises followers of Bahamut, Pelor, Moradin and Erathis. Their general mission is to preserve order, protect the citizens of Sigil against the many machinations of other groups within Sigil, convert others to the ways of their gods, and root out evil.

The Light’s Dawn’s symbol is a red cross, although many members of the Dawn choose to decorate the cross in their own way. The cross represents the joining of the four gods’ powers into a greater whole. The base represents Erathis, the left arm of the cross represents Moradin, the right arm represents Pelor, and the top of the cross represents Bahamut. Often followers of a specific deity will decorate the arm of the cross that represents their god more ornately than the other sections.

All races and all types of people claim membership in the Light’s Dawn, from humans to elves and even reformed Drow. Some are warriors, some are healers, all are dedicated to the principles of their god and the Dawn’s mission. Worshippers of Bahamut and Pelor are the most militaristic of the group, but typically those dedicated to Erathis and Moradin are the ones who patrol Sigil’s streets. Pelor’s followers are noted particularly for their zeal in “finding” evil within Sigil, and as such have recently been reigned in by the leadership of the Light’s Dawn. Followers of Erathis are the most well-received in Sigil, noted for their sense of fairness, although Bahamut’s worshippers are well-known for their sense of justice and swift action in the face of evil.

Notable members of the Light’s Dawn include Firella, Justicar, and Magdalena.

The Light’s Dawn is a fragmented group. Many of its members operate only loosely with each, as animosities between those of different deities have arisen. Each god is represented by a figurehead, who is responsible for the worshippers of their deities. There are several groups within the Light’s Dawn who see the Dawn’s mission differently. One such group have been named by Magdalena as the “Templars”, who are apparently concerned with the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Officially, the Dawn is on particularly poor terms with the Kir’Sar, a group of arcane practicioners in Sigil, however since the revelation that the Kir’Sar is fractured as well it has come to light that the Dawn has been working with Mindartis to contain elements of Chaos cropping up within Sigil. Members of the two groups will clash occasionally, and a large force of both factions were including in a city-wide battle just as the Singing Mercenaries escaped Sigil.

Light's Dawn

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