Kir'Sar Sigil

The Kir’Sar is a group of arcane practioners operating within Sigil. Their motives and goals are unknown, but they are rumored to be extremely powerful as a whole. Their warriors move about the streets of Sigil, oftentimes accusing passersby of being possessed by the abominations of the Far Realm. The Kir’Sar was created by one of the last remaining Jinrai.

Two of the more well-known Kir’Sar are Naramus and Mindartis.

According to member’s of the Light’s Dawn, there are two factions within the Kir’Sar. The “original” faction, which is now headed by Mindartis, is still dedicated to rooting out the forces of Chaos. The second, again according to the Light’s Dawn, is under the control of the nameless Jinrai who founded the Kir’Sar, is working toward the goal of helping Chaos return to the planes.

Before his death, Justicar revealed that he had been working with members of the Kir’Sar in order to bring chaos back into the planes.


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