The Jinrai were an ancient sect of wizards that based themselves in Rantalia long before the Elves emerged in the world. They fled from their world, what is now the Far Realm, to escape the powers of Chaos, which devoured their home plane and transformed it into the nightmare that is the Far Realm.

The Jinrai based themselves in the northern forests of Narlasil, where the barriers between Rantalia and the other planes are weakest. In order to keep the corrupting influence of the Far Realm at bay, the Jinrai placed powerful wards on the site, hoping to seal off the evil powers for eternity. Their efforts were undermined, however, by the arrival of the Fey and their Eladrin servants, who used their own arcane portals to enter Narlasil millenia ago.

The Jinrai were great scholars, and their chief concern was keeping the Far Realm at bay. They were also a curious group, and studied the creatures of the Far Realm at every opportunity, in hopes of one day reclaiming their plane from the maddening grip of Chaos.

The Jinrai created several magical constructs to aid them in their observations and research, including Mark 9. Many of them were driven mad after seeing their constructs visions of the Far Realm, and the few that were left slowly died out until only their souls remained to continually channel their protective wards in a failed attempt to preserve Rantalia from the influence of the Far Realm.

The Jinrai’s wards were finally destroyed when cultists of Orcus invaded the ruins of their ancient tower in search of magical secrets. The foul energies of the dark wizards, and their manipulations of portals within the ruins, were too great a strain to bear on the magical wards they held in place, and for a short moment a gaping hole to the Far Realm was ripped open. Although the portal was closed due to the heroics of the Singing Mercenaries, the souls of the Jinrai realized that ultimately they had failed, and passed from existence.


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