Janus Valorfast

Janus is the eldest son of Sirius Valorfast, and a powerful wizard well versed in destructive arts. Janus Valorfast


He is a haughty, young and uncaring young nobleman who believes firmly in the class system of Nerath. He was sent to study under Lady Allande Markelhay before he came of age and took his place within his father’s household, however he resents this posting and thinks of Fallcrest as nothing more than a backwater. Janus has been desperately seeking a way to be sent back to the South, however his noble sentiments have prevented him from committing any overt, disruptive acts. As the son of Sirius Valorfast, Janus does have a claim to the Iron Crown, although there are several in line before him, and succession is not determined by blood relations.

Time in Fallcrest

Janus first met the Singing Mercenaries after he was presented to them by Serim Saluzar during the events of Dead Dwarves. He provided them with information that casted doubts on Lord Faren Markelhay, resulting in the Singers decision to investigate the Lord’s orders. The Singers also used his plan of attack in their assault on Moonstone Keep, in which he and Shikou snuck through a side passage on the keep’s battlements in order to position themselves to assassinate Lord Markelhay if necessary.

Janus was present with the Singers during their battle in Moonstone Keep’s throneroom, and was transported to the Shadowfell along with the rest of the group when Rahasia, the succubus controlling Lord Markelhay, burst into a portal that sucked everything nearby to the realm of the dead. Janus fought alongside the Singers, Captain Nathan Farringway and Omin Drumm, but he was blasted off of a high ledge into the inky blackness, to never be seen again. It is presumed he either died or his soul was whisked away by an undead spirit.

Janus Valorfast

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