Iron Sigil

The Iron Sigil is a small group of highly trained warriors that perform various covert and “dirty” tasks for the Iron Monarch, including assassination, theft, spying, hostage retrieval and unofficial diplomatic visits. They were instituted by King Cyrus Valorfast after the revolution, in order to maintain a tighter grip on the kingdom. Their existence is known only by the Iron Monarch and the Lord Marshalls, as well as a few trusted advisors within the courts of Nerath.

The Iron Sigil is commanded by the myserious Terok. Although Terok is not a Lord Marshall, he still commands great power within the Kingdom of Nerath


Iron Cross

One group of the Iron Sigil is known as the Iron Cross, consisting of four member: Cathain, Delq, Rathma, and Razvahn. Delq, Rathma and Razvahn were all trained at a young age to serve the Iron Monarch from the shadows. Despite their being non-humans in the xenophobic, human-dominated kingdom, their presence is tolerated due to their unnatural skills and their unwavering loyalty to the Iron Crown. While some Iron Sigil cells are more suited for covert operations, combat, or delicate diplomatic situations, the Iron Cross excels in all areas. One secret to their success is the telepathic link that Rathma, as a Kalashtar, provides. This links allows them to coordinate secretly and instantaneously. The Iron Cross is currently short a member after the betrayal/corruption of Razvahn. They are shipwrecked somewhere off the western coast of Lorn.

Cathain: Cathain is the stoicly silent leader of the group. The only human, Cathain only communicates through the Cross’s Mindlink, and only then in as short communication as possible. As a cleric of the Raven Queen, he wields fearsome magic to smite his foes, and his closeness to death allows him to stave it off from his allies. Cathain was introduced to the other three members sometime after their initial training, most likely so there would be human influence among them. Despite his higher status in the group, he typically leaves the decisions to Rathma.

Delq: A changeling assassin, Delq wields the powers of the Shadowfell in order to bring his foes down with one quick, devastating blow. He doubles as the group’s scout and spy, able to meld with the shadows or assume whatever disguise he finds necessary. He is a legend among those who know of the Iron Sigil for his ability to impersonate anybody. More than one Lord Marshall has had a trusted advisor executed for fear of the changeling assassin. He is fond of flaunting his abilities and frequently grows bored when the group is not engaged in combat.

Rathma: Despite being a paladin of Erathis, Rathma has a very different view on Erathis’s love of civiliation: any means justifies upholding civilization. Rathma has no qualms about killing, both to maintain the stability of Nerath, and also if he becomes annoyed with someone. Rathma is the heart of the group, his telepathic powers allowing him to connect the entire group in a single, silent, efficient machine. Despite his imposing armor and lack of conscience, he is highly skilled in diplomacy, and in battle he issues divine challenges towards his enemies, forcing them to attack him while he heals his allies and bolsters their defenses. Rathma found himself in Rantalia when his parents fled the Nightmare in the Realm of Dreams. They did not survive, but Rathma was found by priests of Erathis and raised by them. When his talents manifested, he caught the attention of a Lord Marshall, and was thus inducted into the Iron Sigil. Rathma is the only member of the Iron Cross who does not have ties to the Shadowfell.

Razvahn: Razvahn is a deadly ranger who is a follower of the Raven Queen. He lacks personality, and mostly follows the group’s lead until a fight breaks out. He shines in combat however, his ability to damage multiple foes from afar is especially useful to the group during assassinations, taking out guards while Delq eviscerates their main target, or sniping over Rathma’s shoulders as the paladin fends off their foes. Razvahn fell victim to the seductive whispers of an evil sword as described in Sundering. He was last seen cackling maniacally, flying away on a dead dragon that he raised using the power of the sword.

The Iron Cross’s adventures so far are detailed in Shadow Warriors, A Strange Game, and Sundering.

Iron Sigil

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