Gorgori, The Blades of Orcus

The Gorgori are five legendary blades said to be forged by Orcus himself, once bestowed upon his greatest generals. They were lost in battles against the forces of good and were scattered throughout the planes. Legend has it that if the Gorgori are gathered together by the followers of Orcus, the Demon Prince will be permitted entry to Rantalia, and all mortal life will be enslaved in undeath.

It is unknown how these artifacts might be used by the forces of the Far Realm, with which Orcus has aligned himself.

Nightfang The first Gorgori is known as the “Nightfang,” a sentient sword with the ability to take over and consume it’s wielder. It somehow came into the possession of the Markelhay family during the founding of Nerath, and remained in their trust until the year 331, when it was stolen from Moonstone Keep. Nightfang is a longsword with an obsidian blade, and a skull decorating the crosstree. Ancient runes are carved into the weapon’s blade.

Warriors of the Iron Sigil managed to locate it, at Faren Markelhay’s request, but were unable to secure it. They encountered it again on their passage from Lorn back to Lyria on their ship. The Iron Cross defeated the creature the Nightfang was controlling, but it managed to seduce Razvahn with its whispers of dark power during their fight with a green dragon. It appeared again, controlling Razvahn, in a titanic battle against The Singing Mercenaries. The Singers were able to defeat the evil blade and its host, and Mark 9 was able to secure it. It is currently in the possession of Arielle, the High Priestess of Bahamut who formerly oversaw the now-defunct Temple of Bahamut in the Dawnforge Mountains.

Other Gorgori The other four Gorgori’s whereabouts are unknown.

Although one of them lay in the underground vault of Bahamut’s temple for centuries, it was never examined, and thus its name was never revealed. This blade was a greatsword, also with an obsidian blade, and it constantly burned with a black fire. Its blade has no visible runes. The blade from Bahamut’s temple is in the hands of Cyrus, an evil changeling who stole it from the underground vault in the Temple of Bahamut and used its powers to escape capture.

The other three’s whereabouts have not been discovered. It is likely they are scattered amongst the other planes connected to Rantalia.

Gorgori, The Blades of Orcus

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