Deites of Rantalia

Deities of Rantalia

The Dragon God of Justice, known also as the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is revered by paladins and clerics who believe in the law and preserving order. Many of the commoners in the Kingdom of Nerath pray to Bahamut to preserve the status quo so that they might not suffer under more wars. It is a secret among Bahamut’s followers that he is currently held prisoner by Orcus within the Shadowfell. Bahamut’s imprisonment and restoration is the chief concern of the Prophecy of Galaxis. Bahamut’s allies are Erathis, Moradin and the Raven Queen.

His symbol is a Silver dragon, ready to attack.

The Demon Prince of the Undead, Orcus’s influence corrupts all races, appealing to any who seek magical knowledge over the dead. The sworn enemy of the Raven Queen, Orcus seeks her mastery over all the dead. According to followers of Bahamut, Orcus has bowed his head to the powers of Chaos in exchange for more power. He is said to have personally forged the Gorgori.

His symbol is a skull.

Raven Queen
The Goddess of Death, also known as the “Weaver of Fate,” the Raven Queen rules over the Shadowfell, overseeing the passage of the dead. Orcus is her mortal enemy, and she abhors the undead. Many Iron Sigil warriors follow her.

Her symbol is a raven perched on an ebony set of scales.

The older brother of Bane and Moradin, the God of Honorable Combat, Lightning and Strength. Kord and his brother Bane were a powerful force during the Dawn Wars with the primordials, working in perfect tandem to lay several of the primoridals low, while Moradin worked to provide the weapons and armor to counter their elemental foes. Once the Dawn War concluded, Kord was satisfied, having bested worthy foes, but Bane continued to hunger for the destruction brought by war. Seeing his brother turning to the same destruction the gods had sought to prevent by defeating the primordials, Kord went to Moradin to demand a weapon powerful enough to defeat any foe. Moradin, also having noticed their brother’s bloodthirsty nature, forged his finest work, an impenetrable suit of armor to keep Kord safe from harm. Kord, disgusted at the thought of having such an advantage, took the fight to Bane using his own sword. Legends tell the duel between Bane and Kord raged for time beyond comprehension, until at last their duel caused them to smash the great heavenly latticework of Erathis. Triumphant at the destruction his duel had caused, Bane fled to the Abyss to forge a new Kingdom. Kord, in disgrace, retired to his own domain. He remains furious with Moradin for forging armor, instead of a powerful weapon to win the duel.

Worship of Kord is the state religion of Nerath, although he is primarily worshipped by the armies and higher nobility of Nerath, as the commoners have little use for Kord’s gifts. His symbol is an unarmored, muscled arm grasping a longsword.

The middle brother of Kord and Bane, the God of the Forge and Lord of Thunder. During the Dawn Wars, Moradin forged powerful arms and armor for his warrior brothers, each specifically designed to counter certain primordials. Once the Dawn War concluded, Kord was satisfied, having bested worthy foes, but Bane continued to hunger for the destruction brought by war. Kord resolved to stop Bane, and went to Moradin to request a weapon powerful enough to slay their wayward younger brother. Most legends tell that Moradin simply forged a suit of armor instead, fearing more for Kord, but dwarven legends tell a slightly different tale. Moradin did, infact, forge a greatsword that could slay god and primordial alike. He feared his own creation, however, and when Kord came to claim it, Moradin pronounced to Kord it was flawed, and instead presented him with the magnificent armor instead. The legend goes on to say that Moradin hid the sword, and that anyone who might discover it would wield a weapon powerful enough to slay the gods. After Bane fled to the Abyss, Moradin continued to forge, giving birth to the Dwarves.

He is worshipped primarily by Dwarves, although most craftsmen who work with steel and stone pay homage to the Forge God. His symbol is an Anvil beset by flame.

The younger brother of Kord and Moradin, Bane was the shadowy reflection of his older brother, the God of Bloody Battle and Destruction. Feeling a great void after Dawn War, and hungering for destruction, set out to destroy more worlds, continuing the destruction that the primordials he had fought to hard destroy had started. Eventually, his brother Kord challenged him in order to stop his madness. Their duel lasted longer than mortal comprehension, but eventually their titanic battle destroyed the great heavenly latticework of Erathis. Satisfied, Bane fled the Astral Sea and went to the Abyss, where he knew he could not find a lack of battle. Since that time Bane has carved out his own kingdom, enslaving demons to form an army, in order to march on the Astral Sea once more.

Bane is worshipped by disgruntled warriors of Nerath who crave war, even though his mention is seen as anathema in the warrior kingdom. He is also a well-respected deity amongst the pirates of the Rending Seas, and some wayward Drow who have turned from Lolth, but are unable to shirk their evil tendencies.

His symbol is a spear piercing the heavens.

Deites of Rantalia

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