AhmidariusAhmidarius is an adult, male, silver dragon who tasked himself with watching over the Temple of Bahamut. He is capable of shapechanging, and prefers the guise of an armored young knight who wields a fearsome spear. Ahmidarius is rare for his kind due to his constant interaction with other mortals, and his friendliness towards them. He is a devout believer in the Prophecy of Galaxis.

Ahmidarius tested the Singing Mercenaries in battle after they entered the Temple of Bahamut. Remaining in his human form, the silver dragon proved a worthy opponent in a 5 against 1 match on the marbled floor of the temple. Ahmidarius aided them later by allowing them to climb onto his back while in his true form to pursue Zaziel’s undead champion.

Ahmidarius was the first to believe that the Singing Mercenaries could be the heroes spoken of in the Prophecy of Galaxis.

Ahmidarius’s powers are no different from others of his race. His very presence can instill deadly fear into his opponents, his breath weapon is a powerful blast of force, and his claws and teeth are deadly weapons. In his human guise, he exhibits supernatural speed, strength and reflexes, and can still instill the same fear as if he were in his true form.


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