The Singing Mercenaries

The Keep of the Shadowfell!
The First Adventure

Tierra 5, 331

The first adventure of the Singing Mercenaries. At the time, the Singers were composed ofthe bard Winward, the barbarian Tattered Onion, the warlock Valmir, and the avenger Thorn.

Invited to the city of Winterhaven by Lord Padraig, the party found themselves investigating a death cult of the demon prince Orcus.

Implored by Padraig and his advisor, Valthrun the Prescient, to relieve the village of a group of kobold bandits plaguing the trading roads, the party set out by exploring a nearby forest encampment of kobolds. Not long after their first battle in the woods, it became clear to the group that this was not the average group of bandits. Organized and militant, the kobolds were led by Irontooth, a nasty goblin fighter who revealed upon his death that he was organizing the kobolds under the orders of a death priest named Kalarel.

Armed with this knowledge, the party adventured next to the nearby Keep of the Shadowfell, and began battling their way through the forsaken halls. Groups of undead, goblins, and death priests fell before the party’s blades and magic, until at last the group confronted the empowered death priest Kalarel. Summoning the power of undead minions while simultaneously trying to hold open a portal to his demon master, Orcus, Kalarel gave the party an incredible fight. Struggling to defeat both Kalarel and an otherworldly entity pulling them through the portal, the party was ultimately successful. With a promise that he would return, Kalarel was pulled through the portal and vanished.

The party escaped from the keep as its walls shuddered and collapsed around them. Returning to Winterhaven, Lord Padraig rewarded the adventurers with a non unsmall cache of gold and a few magic items. Armed with their reward, the Singing Mercenaries purchased a few rooms in the basement of the Ebon Griffon in the town of Fallcrest to act as headquarters. Their legend had begun!


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