The Spoon of Immeasurable Justice

A Spoon of Primordial Powers


Encounter Power – Immediate Interrupt: Whenever anything in an encounter gets disorganized (be it party lines, decisions, the beauty of a natural setting), all beings are struck with OCD, make a saving throw to procrastinate. They must clean up their act immediately (ending hostilities, stupid conversation, or inefficient use of a 1d20), or if they manage to procrastinate they are subject to the effects of Justice as dispensed by the spoon, at the discretion of the DM.

The Spoon of Immeasurable Justice cannot be purchased, but chooses its own master. Those seeking to find it need merely listen for tales of Great Justice, and take off every Zig.


It is a paradox neither strictly teaspoon nor tablespoon, nor serving spoon, unfit for soup, too unwieldy for stirring. But, it can do a pinch, give you just a tad, place a hint of something, and distribute a dash like no other spoon before it. It remains a spoon, perhaps even the Platonic spoon snatched from the realm of the Forms. Forged of metal and a shiny, semi-rigid, but malleable substance, it is the perfect implement for immeasurable amounts that must be distributed. And, to those who are acquainted with it, know it dispenses one thing: Justice. Yes, Justice with a capital J. This is the reason some scholars believe that it may come from the realms of the formless Forms, as it truly dishes out Just desserts.

Its owners have been both good and evil, for Justice is more a philosophical term, than a legal one. And each of its masters and mistresses has received the sprinkling of Justice applicable to their lives. It truly is a wondrous object, both to behold, and to hold. The balance of the spoon is perfect for each hand that holds it, distributing to it exactly what it needs and deserves. And, there is no telling the amount that its wielder might find poured upon its life. Some receive a smidgeon of justice, others a tidbit, but all have been served by the long spoon of Justice. It is said that the world itself is being weighed, a little here, and a little there, as the spoon adds a touch of Justice’s spice to the ordinary life of the day.

What are its goals? Its mission? No one can say for sure, but all realize the true power of the spoon: it exists beyond the conceptions of good and evil, beyond conceptions of “spoon-ness” and potentiality. It exists to the fullest extent of existing. It may be the most real of all reality, and as such, is a powerful tool against the forces of chaos, which cannot stand to be in its ordered presence. Those who have been threatened by disorder, or assaulted by piles of random crap lying around have found the will and fortitude within them to resist leaving it there, and find themselves surprised to discover chaos randomizing into order. For there is no escaping the Justice dispensed by this immeasurable spoon.

The Spoon of Immeasurable Justice

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