Avenger of Bahamut


Thorn was a member of the Singers during their assault on the Keep of the Shadowfell. Thorn is a powerful Avenger, and his Razorclaw Shifter heritage made him a ferocious martial fighter. Despite this, Thorn and the group parted ways immediately after their adventure in the Keep, due to differences between Thorn, Winward and Tattered arising from Thorn’s actions in dealing with undead in the Keep. Where and when Thorn was originally recruited is uncertain.

Thorn met with the Singers again, this time as an adversary, as they snuck into the great Temple of Bahamut in the Dawnforge Mountains. In the wake of the temple’s destruction, it was uncertain whether he is alive or dead.

Thorn reappeared in Sigil at the same time the Singing Mercenaries found themselves there. He has recently rejoined the group, although his purpose remains shrouded in mystery.


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