The Singing Mercenaries

There are THREE switches

Moderato Adventuroso

17889772Wearied by ongoing combat, the Singers were nevertheless more than well equipped to dispatch their remaining foes. While Valmir and Winward proceeded to slowly pick apart the strange, black chitinous form nearest them, the other Singers closed on the few remaining foes.

The Singers assaults were relentless, crushing foes beneath many combined assaults. However, it was clear that the portal in the room was still active. Mark 9 used his powerful eyebeams to ascertain that the portal, while functional, was structurally unstable. All of the runed circles were comprised of a liquid soluble material.

While water was not readily available, the gore from felled enemies was copiously abundant. To that effect, Mark 9 slid his body across the runes, destabilizing one half the summoning area. Not to be outdone, the Tattered Onion copied this technique, erasing the other half. The portal was no more. And with a flick of the wrist, the foes surrounding the Singers were ground down into nothing.

The Singers took a quick breather, but began to search the room for materials of use. They noted that there were a great number of coins and a few gems scattered around the room, along with a bow, which was awarded to Winward. However, two of the chests they thought might open turned out to be mimics, much to the dismay of Mark 9, who investigated them. A few fireballs later, Valmir had destroyed them.Teifling

As the Singers coordinated their next stage, they decided to try the portal in the other room, which would be activated by three switches. Pulling the two levers found in the main room, and having already pulled the lever in the back room, they discovered the portal opened to another area, though its destination remained secret. The Duergar prisoner, who had run into that room earlier, jumped through without hesitation.

After cursory examination, Valmir noted that this portal was much more stable, and had a very different magic flavor to it than the more chaotic one found in the other room. Mark 9 believed that the energy signature was strongly reminiscent of the Jinrai craftsmanship found within him, and decided to walk through.

Magic circle by vylenThe Singers, following that unexpected lead, entered into a round room with a strange symbol on the floor. Ahead of them, they noted the Duergar running, whom Tattered Onion overtook and captured. The Singers then proceeded to explore the room and its carve outs. Most striking were the four machines that seemed at once more complex and far simpler than Mark 9, but clearly Jinrai in origin.

Mark 9 soon discovered a door, and upon opening it, was assaulted by beams fired by a small beholder. Realizing there were two, and clear danger, battle commenced. Fortunately, the beholders were felled quickly, although the Singers may have overpowered them too forcefully. Despite that, the Singers now found themselves in a room full of mechanical parts, pipes, and other strange and wonderful pieces of debris that seemed to invite investigation…



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