The Singing Mercenaries

Day of the Dead

A Mysterious Assault

Arising from a peaceful slumber at the Oak and Crosier Inn, and blissfully unaware of the strange goblin’s visit, the Singing Mercenaries proceeded to break fast at the bar. On recommendation from Osterman, the barkeep, they decided to make for a local celebration of the Festival of Portals, a tribute to the Lady of Pain. Pushing their way through the thronging crowds, they arrived at a tower that Osterman had suggested they view the proceedings from. Many of the Singers attempted to make conversation with the locals, but their obvious ignorance of Sigil’s customs rendered them outsiders.

Wandering about the balcony, Thorn proceeded to the inside of the towers, only to discover a devil, dressed in fine silks and wearing many precious jewels. The devil introduced himself as merchant, and offered Thorn a drink, but the creature could not entice Thorn, who knew better than to take any proposition from it.

Hemerias, on the other hand, wandered in a few minutes later and accepted the devil’s proposition, reasoning that not many could say they had drank Firewater with a devil. Thanking the creature, Hemerias proceeded to the upper balcony. Looking around he noticed a heavily armed cleric, but his curiosity was cut short as the ceremony began.

The crowd parted as members of the Light’s Dawn and the Kir’Sar proceeded into the great square to make tribute to the Lady of Pain. The Singers could easily pick out Naramus, the one who had accosted them the previous night, among the Kir’Sar, and wondered why the two opposed groups would be making tribute together.

As the procession reached the platform in the middle of the square, shouts suddenly erupted on the balcony. On the lower tier, several ghosts had appeared admidst the crowd, and several skeletons were trudging up the stairs. Ignoring the panicking crowd, the Singers leapt into action. Thorn and Sasz immediately summoned their holy powers to fell the abominations, but Mark 9 quickly realized that Hemerias was alone.

On the upper level, a similar wraith had appeared, immediately cutting down the cleric before she was able to react. Incensed at the presence of the undead, Hemerias made to engage it, but as he drew his bow, he felt his senses overwhelemed: the firewater he had drank was taking its toll, rendering him unconscious.

Knowing Hemerias was alone, Thorn called upon the power of Bahamut. Bathed in light, silvery wings appeared on his back, and he flew up to the balcony to confront the other undead, only to find the wraith standing over the prone forms of the cleric and Hemerias.



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