The Singing Mercenaries

T is for Trebuchet

Tortoisomiento movemento

As the Singing Mercenaries burst into the room, a flash of light revealed Tattered Onion and Hemerias. Speaking quickly, as elves are prone to do in excitement, Hemerias explained that he had re-opened a portal bring the others out to safety, and that all would be explained when they were returned to Fallcrest. However, Tattered, distracted by the sight of his friends, let go of Hemerias. As Hemerias scrambled to gather the group together, another flash of light ferried him and Sasz away, the plan unsuccessful.

However, the Singers were not dismayed, and approach their foes with courage. While the strange creatures unleashed an opening assault, the weakness caused by their attacks did nothing to prevent the fury that boiled over. Alain rushed into the gray, locking down the large, bloated creature that hovered over the battlefield, while Winward, Tattered, Mark 9 and Valmir attempted to control the region near their entry point.

Eventually, Alain conjured enough mental power to warp a large illusory desk into a strong grip around the creature he faced, while Winward and Mark 9 locked down three other opponents between them. The Singers noted with some pleasure that the items upon the desk, notably coin and other loot, scattered around the room, a strange but welcome surprise that would certainly be theirs provided they could stem the enemy assault.

Mark 9 continued to use his powers to considerably aid the Singers, particularly by enhancing Tattered Onion’s weapon with Acidic and Radiant powers. His assistance was also granted to Valmir, who was able to improve his defensive capabilities when the enemy approached to strike him. Winward remained calm and focused throughout, providing assistance, and notably for two strong drives against the enemy, which held them at bay while the Singers rallied to a defensive position.

Although charged with a new and awesome power, Valmir’s opening assault was hindered by weakness, along with the Tattered Onion. At first, Tattered Onion was severely crippled, but as time went on, grew in strength, batting around enemies as they ventured near. Valmir cursed his opponents, but like Tattered, struggled to cause enough harm to his enemies. Perhaps this unsettling experience led him to start firing wildly, as his magics and talents were squandered without causing any grievous injuries to the foe.

Just as things seemed to be sliding in the Mercenaries favor, the portals which had been opened in the room glimmered, and a new foe proceeded through the rings of power. Alain quickly found himself facing three enemies, while his allies attempted to curtail the distanced magics being fired upon them from an ugly creature with a large red eye. Eventually tiring of the irritation, Tattered Onion assaulted the creature with fury, mashing it into a bloody, spasming pulp.

Heartened by this action, the Singers morale grew, and redoubled their efforts into ending the conflict. Alain, with Tattered Onion’s help, was able to lock down and slay the three opponents nearest him, and avoid a death that seemed inevitable until Tattered Onion’s intervention. Conjuring his strength, he recovered his footing, and turned towards the remaining creatures.

Although the shouts and din of battle had settled somewhat, the Singers still found themselves engaged in a battle without clear meaning or resolution…



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