The Singing Mercenaries

Mind Your Manors (Part II)

The Mercenaries were relieved to be out of the line of fire, but faced the prospect of having to fight again in the hallway. Yet, as they took a breath, suddenly, Tattered Onion wandered off, and Mark 9 disappeared in a flash of light; while unsettling, both had been known to do these things before. The remaining Mercenaries, Hemerias, Sasz, and Jett, joined now by the cleric Roiclem, prepared for the worst, but soon heard the footsteps running up to them. Thorn, who had tracked the party from their prior battle on the rooftops, had come rushing to find them, having been filled in by Magdalena.

With the party regrouped they expected the foe to be upon them, but were surprised to have the doors to the main hall slam shut. Stunned by this unexpected turn of events, the Mercenaries pondered what to do. Thorn suggested they burn the doors down, but Jett wanted to try to force his way in first. So, Jett ran back, and charged into the door, aided by Thorn, who pushed him forward as he sped along.

Unfortunately, things seldom go as expected in the heat of battle, and Jett slammed into the door, only to injure himself, and was put into a daze. On the other side of the door, one of the people inside let out a mean spirited laugh. The Mercenaries determined that someone was holding the door shut, making entry much more difficult. It looked like there were few options left, even as Hemerias tried to determine if the hinges of the door could be forced with a crowbar.

Taking Thorn’s suggestion to heart, Hemerias grabbed the nearest torch, and using his wilderness
training, determined which part of the doors would likely burn faster, based on grain density and
construction. With the doors alight, Roiclem added another torch to the blaze, and attempted to punch through, hopefully hitting the enemy holding the door shut.

Eventually, Sasz, recovered enough from his earlier exertions, hit the door with a blast of wind, and burst them asunder, sending flaming chunks of wood and shrapnel into the room, and knocking a knight square on. However, the enemy had been expecting them. Eight mage knights and several knights of the Light’s Dawn were already prepared for battle. Led by a knight’s charge, the force attacked the Mercenaries without warning, and hit their front line with their force spells, causing several party members distress. At this, Sasz flew into battle, and unleashed a devastating spell upon the foe, rendering many of them dazed.

And, in a few moments, they noticed that Tattered Onion had rejoined them, simply distracted by a
butterfly as it flew across the fields. However, as Sasz was at the center of the room, he came under heavy fire. Not wishing to see his ally overcome, Hemerias summoned the grace of Sehanine, and healed Sasz of his afflictions. Following this, Thorn flew in to attack, and came under heavy opposition as he was surrounded by multiple foes. Hemerias pulled back to engage from a distance, while Tattered Onion, Jett, and Roiclem moved in to engage. Thorn continued to dish out punishment, though still surrounded by enemies.

Eventually, they slowly began to kill the knights and mage-knights, although it cost them, as Sasz was completely exhausted. Some of the mage-knights again retreated back up to the balcony, and began raining down blows. As Roiclem began healing his comrades, the attacks still had not stopped…


Thanks to Mike for this writeup.

Mind Your Manors (Part II)

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