The Singing Mercenaries

Mind Your Manors

The next morning, the Singers were met by a cleric, named Roiclem, who said he was sent by Magdalena to lead them to the chapter house of Magdalena’s order. Winding through the streets of Sigil, the Singers were taken back the same direction, past the great square where their earlier troubles had began.

The chapter house was a large, wooden building, tucked behind several older stone buildings. Roiclem lead them into the foyer, which was adorned not only with the cross of the Light’s Dawn, but with the heraldry and honors of the order as well. Magdalena was waiting for them. Having exchanged greetings, they were soon met by Magadelena’s abbess.

The Abbess explained to them that the Light’s Dawn was not as cohesive as it might seem from the outside, and that Justicar was one of many within the Light’s Dawn known as the Templars, who considered it their duty to bring about the cataclysm mentioned in the Prophecy of Galaxis. She continued that Justicar had been collaborating with Chaos-tainted elements within the Kir’Sar, specifically the Kir’Sar’s Jinrai master.

Mark 9 expressed disbelief that Jinrai would be involved with the forces of Chaos, but the Abbess simply stated that if he sought answers, Justicar would be able to find them. Mark 9 further inquired if the entire organization was tainted, and the Abbess explained that, like the Light’s Dawn, the mages were fractured as well, that one of them in particular, Mindartis, was combating the taint within the Kir’Sar.

Confused, the Singers inquired as to what the Abbess wanted them to do. She explained that while Justicar needed to be investigated, the Light’s Dawn could not act overtly, especially not towards its own members, without attracting the attention of the Lady of Pain. They had hoped the Singers, who already were on poor terms with the paladin, would be willing to act on their behalf. Remember their earlier encounters with him, the Singers readily accepted the proposal.

After leaving the Abbess, the Singing Mercenaries were led to Justicar’s manor home by Roiclem. Upon their arrival, they noticed a heavily armed tiefling female, with a symbol of Bahamut who appeared to be guarding the entrance. Not itching for a fight, the Mercenaries tried to convince her that their mission involved resolving Light’s Dawn business – in short, they had to meet with Justicar.

However, the tiefling was not convinced, until Sasz used his status as a Chosen of Bahamut to convince the tiefling that something was afoot. She mentioned that she felt great unease working for Justicar and his knights, to the effect that what they were involved in seemed antithetical to the Light’s Dawn’s professed work. With that, she left, and the Singing Mercenaries entered the building.

In the entrance hall, they noticed a wall with two large doors. Behind the doors, they could hear the sound of individuals. Because of their bad fortune with sneaking in to other locations, they debated if they would attempt to sneak in, but eventually opted for a clear, bold entrance into the room. Upon doing so, they startled a group of knights, and a sword mage.

In that instant, weapons were drawn, and words were discarded as the Mercenaries were attacked. The knights drove the Mercenaries back towards the door, with Tattered Onion and Jett taking the brunt of the assault, and took a mental and spiritual toll on Sasz, who was forced to exert himself. Fortunately,Mark 9 had prepared for these contingencies, and unleashed several useful alchemical items, granting some forms of protection to Tattered Onion.

However,unbeknownst to the Mercenaries, a group of mage-knights had gathered on the balconies
above, and launched heinous spells, which caused a gripping force to be applied, until the sufferer could fight off the effects. This severely limited the party, and required a reassessment of the situation.

In the course of battle, several knights were slain, along with the Sword-Mage, who had been at the front of the fight. But with knights continually charging in on the party, and the mage-knights raining their sorceries upon the Mercenaries, a call to retreat was sounded. But, instead of running, Sasz used his divine favors, and teleported the entirety of the Mercenaries towards the entrance, in the hopes of escaping the assault. As the group pulled back, they began to form lines for the enemy, hoping they would be followed…



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