The Singing Mercenaries!

Theodor Rombouts: The original Singing Mercenary

A tale of blood, gold and heroism.

In the year 331 of Nerath, a group of misfits would gather to seek out glory and fortune. Brought together by a gnome bard in the dead of winter, the band would set out for their own selfish gains. But dark forces are at work in the world of Rantalia, and little do these mercenaries know that they are destined for much more than clearing goblins out from the countryside. Thus begins the legend of the Singing Mercenaries…

The Singing Mercenaries is a custom campaign based in the world of Rantalia. Rantalia was created around the gameworld outlined in the PHB and DM’s Guide for D&D Fourth Edition, with several modifications made to the setting.

The campaign focuses on the Singing Mercenaries. Despite the name, and their former leader being a bard, there is a shocking lack of song amidst the group. Although they are from all over the continent of Lyria, and have disparate goals, they are bound together by bonds of friendship (and sometimes more pragmatic reasons). How they go about accomplishing their goals, and how fate manipulates them all for a greater purpose, is the focus of the campaign.

Requirements for Play:

  • Ventrilo
  • Maptools v1.3.b84
  • Character compliant with the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Ruleset
  • Familiarity with D&D 4th Edition Ruleset

Recommended Tools:

The Singing Mercenaries

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